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No Good & Jiggy - Lizard Lizard - 1999

Before Lil' Kim, before Foxy Brown, there was Jiggie. This venom tongued chanteuse has lyrics so hot that she has been dubbed "Lady Luke", referring to Luke Records CEO Luke Campbell. Her adult theme oriented rhymes conjure images of sex in it's rawest form. The explicity of her lyrics is Jiggie's retribution to all of the male rappers that have bashed females for so long. A unique rapper Jiggies strength is her diversity of techniques and styles, "I can flow with any style of music, hip-hop beats, bass music, West Coast, and battle rapping." Long associated with Luke Records head Luther Campbell, Jiggie had been on the scene for 7 years Doing what it do..

Alot Of People Slept On This Album. It was hot in the south. never really jumped out and grabbed america tho. But i copped it cause it was produced by Luke(2 live crew). And i was always of fan of the pervert and his music. where would we be without Luther Cambell?

Luke Presents, No Good & Jiggy - Lizard Lizard [1999]

01. Intro
02. Diss
03. Q Dogs
04. Lets Go
05. My Bad
06. Kid Talk
07. Lizard Lizard
08. Dr. Luke
09. Cant Nobody
10. What A Girl Needs
11. Come Thru
12. Dirty Bottom
13. Child Story #1
14. Freaky Party
15. Goombay
16. Child Story #2
17. Head-Hey
18. Mega-Mix
19. Taste My Love

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