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Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express

Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express


Bizerk Da Jerk [ ENON EPAT XIM ]2011 - Greatest Flips

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Bizerk Da Jerk [ Mix Tape None ]2011 - Greatest Flips
2007 - 2010 .
01. Keepin on da hustlin
02. They Keep it Real
03. City Of Violence Raised Me
04. Nympho
05. Biz Iz On Fire
06. Jack Da Dopeman
07. Stompin On Em Hos
08. KUSH - [ We Be Doin It ] Remix
09. E.P (My Earnin Potential) Feat. Bolo Yung
10. Hatin On Me
11. Im Repeated by ya girl
12. Who Ridin - Feat. Meat Da Butcha
13. Still Talkin [Zombie Mix]
14. Primal Urge
15. Revelations - Chapter 7 Verse 3
16. P Dawg Out A-Town - Outro

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Bizerk Da Jerk - "Crossin Lines" 2011 Available now on iTunes, Napster And Amazon


Bizerk Da Jerk - Live - Aint no other cracker

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Those wacky rappers that borrow my name when they make records cant do what i do tho. So i dedicate "The Message" To You.


Meer Mighty - The Presentation [2011]

Meer Mighty - The Presentation - 2011 [ Exclusive]

01. The Presentation  
02. Hip Hop Dreams  
03. All Nighter  
04. Superhuman  
05. Chasin' A Dream  
06. Art Of Noise  
07. Top Rhymers  

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    Juice Jones - Sharkbait

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    Grab This Exclusive Mixtape from KY's Own Juice Jones
    My dawg Vocalizin ya minds on this one. Grab It Now and visit Juice at

    • 01.Intro
    • 02.Paints peelin
    • 03.Bottoms up Remix
    • 04.Always Rep Quick rip
    • 05.Fire Flame
    • 06.Roll Up!!
    • 07.BMF Remix
    • 08.Monsta Remix
    • 09.Mr. Miyigy done
    • 10.You fuckin wit JUICE
    • 11.Public Service Announcement
    • 12.Skit (Yeahman)
    • 13.Pussy Momma
    • 14.THEN WALK!!!
    • 15.Moon And The Stars
    • 16.Welcome to Kentucky
    • 17.Yeahman Click
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    While you download, Check out this Juice Jones Video

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