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Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express 24-7 Radio - Jam Pony Express Downloads


Eminem - Warning - 2009

Mariah Carey is spitting mad at her alleged ex-boyfriend Eminem because he is supposedly playing personal messages she left the rapper when they were "dating" during his recent tour. Carey, for her part, has always denied that there was ever a romantic relationship between the two. The two were alleged to be dating in 2001 when he worked on her Charmbracelet album. In 2002, Eminem finally admitted there was something going on. He said then, "There is truth to the story. Now I respect her as a singer, but on a personal level I’m not really feeling it." Ouch.

Reportedly, during his recent Anger Management tour Eminem plays a clip of Carey’s hit "We Belong Together" and then allegedly plays a clip from one of Mariah’s voice mail messages that says, "I heard you were getting back with your ex-wife. Why won’t you see me? Why won’t you call me? You’re not calling me." He then pretends to vomit and starts singing his hit "Puke."

Don’t get on Eminem’s bad side — it’s not a good place to be. That’s the lesson Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon are learning in the harshest way possible with the release of the rapper’s new diss track against the couple called “Warning.”

In the track, produced by Dr. Dre, Em raps about his disgust over Mariah denying their brief relationship and portrayal of him in her latest single and video “Obsessed,” although Mariah has gone on record saying neither is about him.

Eminem - Warning -2009

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KJ An Da Fellas - Get Retarted - 1988

American Artists from south Fl on 4 sight along with artist MC ADE Originator of the first Miami Bass Track, Called Bass Rock Express. however the first miami bass record came out of Ft.Lauderdale Fl, Considering 4 Sight records was based in Ft. Lauderdale.

Get retarded was pretty popular back in the day.. it ended up in alot of mixes..

KJ An Da Fellas - Get Retarded - 1988

A1. Get Retarded (Vocal)
A2. Get Retarded (Instrumental)
B1. Do The Spuds (Vocal)
B2. Do The Spuds (Instrumental)

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DJ Mike - MC Cool D - Gangster Rock 1988

So a few days ago i was talkin about DJ Mike and Divine sounds. so its got MC Cool D, it was a hot record. Effect records wit luke skyywalker nuttin short of classic album..

DJ Mike - MC Cool D - Gangster Rock 1988

01. Gangster Rock(Vocal)
02. Gangster Rock(Instrumental)

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MC ADE - Bass Mechanic 1986

MC ADE - Bass Mechanic 1986
Click Here For More ADE

A1. Bass Mechanic (Vocal)
B1. Bass Mechanic (Instrumental)
B2. Bass mechanic ( Bonus Beat)

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MARRS - Pump up the volume 1987

MARRS started in 1987 as a collaboration between the groups A.R. Kane and Colourbox, with additional input from DJs Chris C.J. Mackintosh and Dave Dorrell. However, the collaboration did not go entirely according to plan. Once in the studio, the groups' different working methods and personalities failed to click. Producer Jon Fryer found himself in the middle and unable to resolve the conflict between the two camps. The result was that instead of working together, the two groups ended up recording a track each, then turning it over to the other for additional input.

This record was released under the alias MARRS, an acronym derived from the forenames of the five 4AD artists involved in the project: Martyn, Alex Ayuli, and Rudi Tambala (from A.R. Kane); Russell Smith (an associate A.R. Kane member); and Steve (from Colourbox).

MARRS - Pump up the volume 1987

01. Pump Up The Volume (Radio Edit)
02. Pump Up The Volume (Extended)
03. Pump Up The Volume (Instrumental)
04. Pump Up The Volume (Bonus Beat)

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Divine Sounds - What people do for money - 1984

Divine Sounds is an old school rap group from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York.
Members, DJ Mike, Disco Richie and Shelton D, they hit the block in the mid 80's with What People Do For Money..

Before Divine Sounds made it into the recording studio, DJ Mike was frequently seen playing music in Bedford Stuyvesant, a
neighborhood in the central portion of the New York City (a.k.a) Bed Stuy and Lafayette park where he brought funk into hip-hop. DJ Mike Music is also thought to be the first DJ to rap on a record.

But then again i dunno, I'm always reminded of DJ Slick Vic of the Jam Pony Express DJ's . Est. 1981
. He treated the mic like a monster would treat kids at Disney World. I got hip to divine sounds thru the JPE DJ's..

Divine Sounds - What People Do For Money [1984]

A1. What People Do For Money
What People Do For Money ( Dollar Bill Dub Mix)

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Dimples Tee - Jealous Fellas - 1987

Dimples Tee - Jealous Fellas -1987

A1. Jealous Fellas
B1. Jealous Fellas (Norberto Mix)
B2. Jealous Fellas (Instrumental)

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Quadrant Six - Body Mechanic - Vinyl

Just like Soul Sonic Force's "Planet Rock," Planet Patrol's "Play at Your Own Risk," C-Bank's "One More Shot," and Jonzun Crew's "Space Is the Place," Quadrant Six's "Body Mechanic" was, in part, the work of Arthur Baker associate John Robie (the writing credits on the release also go to the less-known E. Innocenti). Quadrant Six only produced the one 12"; released in 1982 on Atlantic, it peaked at number 25 on the clubplay chart and has since become one of the better-known electro singles. "Body Mechanic" has been included on numerous retrospectives since its release, including the fourth volume of Tommy Boy's 1995 Perfect Beats series

Quadrant Six - Body Mechanic - Vinyl 1988

A1. Body Mechanic (Vocal)
A2. Body Mechanic (Dub Mix)
B1. Body Mechanic (Original Vocal)

- Download -


Jam Pony Express - Lauderdale 1992

Jam Pony Express - Lauderdale 1992

01. I Wanna Rock
02. Work That Ass
03. JPE Commercial
04. 1 And 1 Mix / Slic Vic Rhyme
05. Minds Playin Tricks On Me
06. Childrens Story
07. O.P.P Instrumental

Jam Pony With Bass Style. 1992

08. Intro / Your a customer / Technicallities
09. I got the power /We want some pussy / So Dam Tuff
10. Aint got no money / Make it Mello / Beat
11. So much bass

Bonus Single Tracks

12. Take It Off
13. Chidrens Story

- Download -

Jam Pony Express - Hot Rod / Slic Vic / Big Ace

01. Nuttin But A Word - Feat. Hot Rod
02. Take It Off - Feat. Slic Vic
03. Just Get On Down And Rock - Feat. Slick Vic / Big Ace[Rip]
04. Boomin Systems Feat. Slic Vic
05. Fuck 'Em All - Feat. Slic Vic

- Download -

Jam Pony Express - Juicy.S - 1992-

I been converting these tapes for a few days. im about done..but  i got a few more, Like this one. Recorded in Ft. Lauderdale 1992 Juicy S. I have this one tape with her on it. i cleaned it up the best i could. Its a litte low for the first few seconds then gets alot better.

And One other note.. Visit Spice Here To grab Classics Ripped from master tapes. Clean shit for the real pony fans. I give you Juicy S

Jam Pony Express - Juicy S - 1992

01. Booty Shake
02. Doo Doo Brown
03. Bitch Betta Have My Money
04. Work That Ass Baby
05. Gimmie A Bottle
06. Get Loose ( Do the nasty)
07. Treat 'Em Right
08. Pop That Pussy
09. Instrumental 01
10. Nigga Betta Have My Money
11. Ya Boyfriend (I seen him trickin baby)
12. Muthafucka Get Down
13. Instrumental 02

- Download -


Jam Pony Express - Vic - Joc - 1987

Jam Pony Express - Vic - Joc - 1987

Side A
A1. Get it, girl
A2. My Nuts
A3. We want some pussy
A4. Bass It Baby
A5. Get it, boy
A6. Pretty Girls

Side B
A1. Funky Fresh Beat
A2. Im Not A Star

- no longer avail -


Jam Pony Express - 1989 Slick Vic Mix 3

This mix was a salvage from a tape that got broke in half because of a dickhead wanting to be a prick. Most of the tape was cut away and a small portion on a wheel was left. it was taped. ( you remember fixing tapes with scotch tape)
and re-recorded on another tape losing most of the quality now its 20 years old and just converted so this is the best copy of this mix you will ever have. just under 10 minutes long. classic... whats left of it mix..

Jam Pony Express - 1989 Slick Vic Mix 3

01. Poison Ivy
02. Make it boom
03. Roll it up

- Download -

Jam Pony Express - 1989 Slick Vic Mix 2

Jam Pony Express - 1989 Slick Vic 2

A1. Intro - Planet rock
A2. Pump It Hottie
A3. Pull it all the way down
A4. Clear / Its Party Time
A5. keep to the groove
A6. Poison Ivy
A7. Roll it up

B1. Fuck the police / I Aint trippin Mix
B2. Move Somthin
B3. Boomin Bass
B4. Everlasting Bass

- Download -

Jam Pony Express - 1989 Slick Vic Mix

Jam Pony Express - 1989 Slick Vic Mix

Side A
01. JPE Intro
02. Egyption Lover / Git It Girl
03. Give it all you got / Numbers
04. Shake That Thang / Supersonic
05. Ugly People Be Quiet / Drop Them Draws
06. Ziggy One / Creep Dog
07. Get Funky / Boot the booty / Move somethin

Side B
01. Name that tune / Stomp and grind
02. One and One / My pockets are full
03. The cabbage patch / And More !!!

- Download -


Bizerk Da Jerk - Dont Go Messin Wit Da Devil

I first named this album Evil Inside, i later i renamed it to Dont go messin. 2002 Evil Inside was the first album i produced myself and i spent a few months on it. my editing skills were not the best but it came out fine. This one didnt get circulated like "The Beginning" However the songs on this were recorded in different locations with random mics and such so levels are odd.. all these songs i wanted to go back and edit more at that time but never did. I was a really busy dood then.

i was also Co Producing other local artists at the time. The 305 Gypsy Mob , Tron, Ballgrum and a Decent singer who simply went by Chris. well this album has a few decent songs on it. yeah the disney font.. ahh. remember walt was supposed to be the anti christ. And also if you invert the colors on the cover you get a more crazy look at my face.yeah.... enjoy..

Bizerk Da Jerk - Don't Go Messin Wit Da Devil [2003]

01 - Intro [Extended]
02 - Run Dat Shit
03 - Hittin Switches
04 - I Spy You Spy
05 - Bustin Slugs (Broward Boys)
06 - Let It Rain Nonstop
07 - My Connection
08 - Let Me Show You Billy
09 - Pimpin Dem Tricks Feat. 2 Face
10 - In The Sunshine
11 - Dont Go Messin Wit Da Devil
12 - The Creme Of Da Crop
13 - Jet Fuel
14 - Da One Line
15 - Slow And Low
16 - Faze 1 Grindin [Bonus Track]
17 - Im Takin You Out [Bonus Track]
18 - Its Kaos [Bonus Track]

- Download -


Bizerk Da Jerk - The Beginning

i met this guy in 1998 he had an 8 track recorder with a little keyboard. He was recording and i heard his stuff he let me chill at the studio and i made about 5 songs. then i lost contact with him... blah blah.. So in 2001 My Homeboy Caponelli hooked me up with "Eliot Slaughter" a jazz musician( Visit Him Here) He didnt really make rap beats but we all worked for a year and finished this album in 2002. His piano skills are fuckin nutts. he is a great artist and performer. This album was my first attempt on the mic in a real solid booth with the whole nine yards. The vocals are off here and there, but hey.. i was a rookie. check out my new shit here.
So i sold alot of copies of this. i was really suprised myself i didnt think my vocals sounded right, or maybe more like delivery skills but yo. everyone seems to like it. me and 2 Face sold the shit out of it.. you might like it too.. never know
.. Much love to everyone that supported me and my ways then and now...

Bizerk Da jerk - The Beginning [2002]

01 - Intro - All da hoes
02 - Run Dat Shit
03 - Definitions Of A Playa Feat. J.W
04 - When I Ride Feat. J.W
05 - Dont Go Messin
06 - Its A Homicide Feat 2 Face
07 - Visions - Bizerk Da Jerk
08 - Dead Sluts Feat. Meat Da Butcha
09 - Its In My Nature Feat. 2 face
10 - The Weed Tune Feat. 2 Face
11 - Hip-Hop Iz Back
12 - I Thought You Knew
13 - So We Can Get It Started
14 - Bow Down Feat. 2 face
15 - Let It Rain
16 - Outro - Faze 1

- Download -

Bizerk Da jerk - 4th Times A Charm

Bizerk Da jerk - 4th Times A Charm - 2004

01 - Krunk fo my niggaz Feat. Meat Da Butcha
02 - Yall Just Dont Know
03 - Who got dat drama Feat. 2 Face
04 - 2004
05 - I aint gotta tell you
06 - A bitch like you
07 - Bangin shit Feat. Nick Ruthless
08 - 3 Steps ahead of the law
09 - Its cincinnati - Feat. 2 Face and Syko Smoke
10 - Back at you - feat. Nick Ruthless
11 - Its Funny
12 - Tha weedtune Feat. 2 Face
14 - Im Bad
15 - Thru da door
16 - The final drive

- Download -

Bass Outlaws - Busted - 1994

Bass Outlaw's Busted is a rough and tumble collection of deep bass tracks propelled by relentlessly slow, funky beats."A.M.G" -

Anyway its not a bad album.. its not great but a definite classic album. Plenty of kicks and rides but . not very creative.. sounds like it was made in a few days..But its very hard to find im hearing . so here ya go..

Bass Outlaws - Busted - [1994]

01 - Bassackwards
02 - Three Beats
03 - Sub Excursion
04 - Monzilla
05 - Bass Gun
06 - Bang Boom
07 - Mega Phase
08 -Technaquad
09 - Busted
10 - Blown Away
11 - Dog Pound
12 - 2 Low 4 U
13 - Up In Smoke
14 - Retro Quad

- Download -


Bizerk Da Jerk - The Bass Boss

Bizerk Da Jerk - The Bass Boss - [2009]

01 - It Was A Nightmare
02 - Hazardous To Your Ear
03 - Pump Dat Bass - (Warning) Atomic Sub Kicks
04 - Annihilating Bass
05 - Cheap Thrills (Bass remix)
06 - Funkin Around (Somthin to ride to)
07 - Set The Bass off (UpperDose)
08 - Subliminal Bass
09 - Voice Coil Test
10 - Infectious Bass
11 - Git Dat Bass (2 Times)
12 - Supersonic Bass
13 - Thirteen Humps Road
14 - The Bass Boss

- Download -


Jam Pony Express - Classics 1 - 6

Jam Pony Express DJ's Originated in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. in 1981. It's original members are DJ Slick Vic, Diamond Dick, Hot Rod and Mr. M.B. Later members included Lock Cool Jock, Sporty "J" and Big Ace[Rip]. Jam Pony's claim to fame was "regulatin" on the microphone by cutting the music down and talking over the lyrics to create a new song.
J.P.E. dropped an LP in 1995 on Express Records Called " The Legend Continues.. , which is affiliated with 2-4-1 Entertainment in Tampa

The Cast and crew today.
Slick Vic, Lock Jock, Big Ace (R.I.P), Hot Rod, Gigolo Joe (R.I.P.), Mr. MB, Sporty J, Diamond Dick, Jazzy J, Sporty Shorty, Cucci Crew- Sexy Slim & Juicy S, Zeke "Pantie Raider Freak", Wolf B, Babygirl, DJ Spice, Disco Kid, Cuda "C" Cortez, L-Dogg, M-N-M Shay, Bossman LB, Pontiac Player, Whiteboy Joshski , Captain D & FL DJs's,Poochie Thomas; Rock Booty D.J.'s, Nasty J, Master K/ Special K, Keke, the New Cucci Crew, JPE Gen. 2 DJ's

We were just having fun, DJ Slic Vic reminisces, grinning from ear to ear. M.B. had equipment, and I had equipment. We battled each other, and the next day we was borring records. But borrowing those records led to rocking backyard parties. After finding the right chemistry, Victor Austin and Marc Brown started DJ'ing together. People around the way started to call them the Pony Express DJs because they would pull up to a party driving the Pony Express delivery truck. Marcs pops use to work for Pony Express, a mail carrier company way before UPS. I didnt like being called Pony Express but it just stayed with us, Slic Vic remembers. Shortly after, Pony Express became Jam Pony Express. Victor Austin turned into DJ Slick Vic and Marc became Mr. M.B. and almost 30 years later the Pony Express Lives on.

A very special thanks to DJ Spice. you can cop all the classic albums that you cant get from here.
And also thanks to Zeke The Pantie Raider. Thanks for the love fam,.
If you a real fan of the pony, please visit spice and show some love.



01. Man Parrish - Man Made
02. Big Ace Continues...
03. I'm Losing You
04. Masterdon Committee - Funk Box Party (Live)
05. Time
06. Quadrant 6 - Body Mechanic
07. Murder Rock
08. Slim - It's In The Mix
09. Orbit - And The Beat Goes On...
10. OSE - Computer Funk
11. CD III - Get Tough
12. Afrika Bambaattaa - Looking For The Perfect Beat


01. Salt 'n Pepa - Push It
02. Run DMC - Up Tempo
03. 2 Live Crew - Get It Girl
04. Anquette - Shake It
05. Dynamix 2 - Give The DJ A Break
06. Cybotron - Clear
07. Bose - Rock The World
08. Byron Davis - Now Dance
09. Quadrant 6 - Body Mechanic
10. Miami Jam Crew - Pretty Girl
11. The Skeezers - Low Ridin' Bass
12. Doin It, Doin It
13. Megatrons - Rock The Planet
14. Have You Seen Davey?
15. Super Bass


01. Look At Her
02. Cybotron - Clear
03. Connie - Funky Little Beat
04. Twilight 22 - Siberian Nights
05. Jonzun Crew - Pac Jam
06. Pretty Tony - Fix It In The Mix
07. Cool Rock & Chazy Chess - Creep Dog
08. C.O.D. - In The Bottle
09. Afrika Bambaataa - Looking For The Perfect Beat
10. Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt
11. Strafe - Set It Off


01. Run DMC - Uptempo
02. 2 Live Crew - Get It Girl[Remix]
03. Cybotron - Clear
04. Herman Kelly & Life - Dance To The Drummers Beat
05. Anquette - Shake It
06. 2 Live Crew - Throw That Dick
07. Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt
08. Newcleus - Push The Button
09. Dynamix 2 - Give the DJ A Break
10. Trinere - I Know You Love Me
11. Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full


01. Quadrant 6 - Body Mechanic
02. Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk
03. Herman Kelly & Life - Dance To The Drummers Beat
04. Jam Pony Express - JPE LIVE
05. Cybotron - CLEAR
06. 2 Live Crew - Throw The Dick
07. Afro-Rican - Give It All You Got
08. MC A.D.E. - Bass Mechanic
09. Scarred
10. Cool Rock & Chazy Chess - Creep Dog
11. Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock
12. Gigolo Tony - Smurf Rock
13. Twilight 22 - Electric Kingdom

01. MC ADE - Da Train.mp3
02. Anquette - Shake It (Do The 61st)
03. Afro-Rican - Give It All You Got
04. Rock & Fizz - Mikki (Bonus Beats)
05. KJ & Da Fellas - Get Retarded
06. MC Shy D - I'm Not A Star
07. Commercial Skit
08. Slick Rick - Children's Story
09. Eddie D - Cold Cash Money
10. Masterdon Committee - Funkbox Party
11. MC A.D.E. - Sex Crime, Drugs
12. Spyder D -Smerphies Dance
13. Trouble Funk - Pump Me Up Beats - Commercial
14. Iceman Ja - Dance Transformer
15. Quadrant 6 - Body Mechanic
16. MC Cain Dog - My Pockets Are Full
17. MC Cool Rock - Chazy Chess - Creep Dog
18. CD III - Get Tough

Eazy E - Eazy Duz It - 12" Vinyl Rip

Eazy-E was a Kelly Park Hustler (AKA) Kelly Park Compton Crip during his teen years, and he openly associated himself with other Crips. MC Ren,Tweedy Bird Loc, and Lil Nation of CPO were among their members. AWOL, Crip Inch, Do Or Die, K-Tone,& Sin Loc from the Nationwide Rip Ridaz was also affiliated with the gang before his death. The Rip Ridaz were in collabo with the Damu Ridaz, Blood gang members and created the bangin on wax albums. Eazy didnt appear on the collaboration. Ill post those up later

Eazy E Changed his path later on, He sold drugs during his early teen years but invested the money he made into a hip hop enterprise. He is widely regarded as one of the founders of the gangsta rap sub genre and initially rose to fame as the founder and member of the group N.W.A, but later achieved critical and commercial success as a solo artist Releasing The full album Eazy Duz It, The sickest album in history. 20 years later i can still flow wit every word of it.

Its a Used Record too.. Lots of fried chicken for the vinyl heads.... I guess.

Eazy E - Eazy Duz It - 12" Vinyl Rip

A1. Eazy-Duz-It
A2. Ruthless Villain

B1. Radio
B2. Eazy-Duz-It (Radio Edit)

- Download -

No it dont really say "Eazy MuthaPhukkin E"
As he requested..Nor does it inform everyone "He put compton on the map" Im kind disapointed myself, He was the real deal villan. [RIP] Eazy-E

Too Short - Dont Stop Rappin - 1983

Don't Stop Rappin' is the debut album by Too $hort, released in 1983. It contains the original version of the song "Playboy Short". The Born to Mack album contains the Second Version, or part 2 if you will. i slept on this tape in the 80's but found out about it in the late 90's im thinkin. but by then life is... , short dogs in the house and all them was around so this tape did nothin for me. however i came across it here recently and thought id share it. For an old school music collector this is a great addition to the arsenal. If we dont keep the classics alive... who will?

Too Short - Dont Stop Rappin - 1983

  1. Don't Stop Rappin
  2. Shortrapp
  3. Girl
  4. Female Funk
  5. Playboy Short

- Download -


Anquette - Respect - 1988

Anquette (An -Key -Ette) is a Miami Bass female rapper from Miami, Florida, U.S., backed up by the Throw the P Girls through the high points of her career. She debuted with her answer version of the 2 Live Crew's "Throw the D", namely "Throw the P" (1986). Anquette's debut LP Respect(1988) featured a version of Aretha Franklin's "Respect" as well as an R&B hit ("I Will Always Be There for You", which peaked at #76 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles and Tracks chart in 1989 and a rap track dedicated to Janet Reno.

Other noteworthy tunes include "Ghetto Style" and "Shake It (Do the 61st)". Anquette came back in 1997 with the tune "My Baby Mama", an answer rap to B-Rock and the Bizz's "MyBabyDaddy".

Anquette - Respect - 1988

01 - Respect
02 - Janet Reno
03 - Funky Stuff
04 - Freestyle Rappin
05 - Rock & Roll Y'all
06 - Chitter Chatter
07 - Mary Mary
08 - Get Off Your Ass & Jam
09 - Material Girl
10 - Chillin'
11 - I Will Always Be There For You
12 - Anquette's Groove

- Download -

Anquette - Ghetto Style - 1987

Anquette (An -Key -Ette) is a Miami Bass female rapper from Miami, Florida. She dropped several local hits with Luke Skyywalker and was backed up by Mr. Mixx On the 1's n 2's..oh wait.. turntables.. yeah thats it..

Shake it ( Do the 61st.) had to be the hottest track she made. My opinion

Anquette - Ghetto Style -Vinyl Rip. 1987

Side A.
01. Anquette - Ghetto Style... (Vocal)

Side B.
01 - Anquette - Ghetto Style... (Instrumental)
02 - Anquette - Shake It (Do The 61st)

- Download -

Luke Skyywalker - Miami Bass Waves Vol. 2

This album was way better than the first vol luke of the (2 live crew) dropped. although i already had most of the songs on this one. Its a definite classic album. One track on here is called bass rock express by MC ADE one of my favorite artist of the old school , im almost sure this album was the first time the vocal version of the track was heard. It was simply instrumental on the original album " somethin to do" And of course MC Shy D's "Shake it" A Great Classic Record. As well as Le Juan Love, And if you slept on this Skyywalker Artist Keep it locked he's coming soon.

Luke Skyywalker's Bass Waves Vol. 2 (1989)

01. Gucci Crew II - Sally {That Girl}
02. 2 Live Crew - H-B-C
03. MC A.D.E - Bass Rock Express
04. MC Twist & The Def Squad - Just Rock
05. 2 Live Crew & Trouble Funk - The Bomb Has Dropped (Drop The Bomb Remix)
06. MC Shy D - Shake It
07. Anquette - Material Girl
08. KJ & Da Fellas - Get Retarded
09. Le Juan Love - I Still Feel Good
10. MC Cool Rock & Chaszy Chess - Get Funky
11. Gigolo Tony - Smurf Rock
12. Bladerunners Mega Mixx

- Download -

Luke Skyywalker - Bass Waves Vol. 1

Not much i gotta say about this album. i never did care for the songs on this tape. All the songs were from full albums with better songs. im thinkin they released this and vol 2 just to push those tracks not doing so well and used a couple of 2 live's tracks to help sales, Im just guessing. But im gonna throw up vol 2 and some other luke stuff

Do the 61st bitch. And one time for 62nd st. and if you aint know what im speakin about.. you aint from da bottom. - BRJDC mod B3 -1987 - 91 Push ups for extra canteen. Multi was the war room.

Luke Skyywalker - Bass waves Comp Vol. 1

A1. J.D.C - Jealous Girls
A2. M.C Shy D - Gotta Be Tough
A3. Lejuan Love - My Hardcore Rhymes
A4. Anquette - Throw The P
A5. Kooly C & DJ KJ - Sheryl & Donna
A6. The Skyywalker All-Stars - It's Christmas
A7. Chep Nunez - Bass Waves Mega Mixx A

B1. Ghetto Style/2 Live Crew - Throw The Dick
B2. J.D.C - I'm Cool
B3. Steven J. Grey - Miami
B4. 2 Live Crew - We Want Some Pussy (Liberty City Long Hard Mix)
B5. 2 Live Crew - Ghetto Bass
B6. Chep Nunez - Bass Waves Mega Mixx B

- Download -

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