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Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express

Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express


Bizerk Da Jerk - Heaven Knows

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Feat. Dirty White, Meer Mighty And B.Soul


Bizerk Da Jerk - Discography

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I know im huge in japan, I wanna thank my Italian listeners tho.

* Attack Of The Animal Kracker Cat(1998)- cassette days
* The Beginning(2002)
* Evil Inside(2003)
* Sounds of the south(2003)
* Bizerk: An E.P(2003)
* 4th times A Charm(2004)
* Volume 5 (2005)
* Whats Next?(2006)
* DJ Fat Kat Presents: Jungle City(2006)
* T.N.P. Thirsty Boys(2006)
* Ass Clap(2007)
* Thats A Wrap(2008)
* The Bass Boss(2009)
* Operation Blackbook(2009)
* K.F.C - Kentucky Folks Chillin (Compilation)
* F--k This Mixtape(2010)

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Bizerk Da Jerk - Fuck This Mixtape - 2010

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01. The city of violence raised me
02. Cause i eat good
03. Take dat bitch
04. Keep dis bitch
05. Whats happinin
06. Paper chasin
07. Stompin on em hos
08. Work dat
09. Biz iz on fire
10. The crack song
11. Jack da dopeman
12. Still talkin shit
13. Swag like me
14. Who im is
15. Primal urge

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