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NWA - Niggaz 4 Life [1991]

NWA's third full-length album, Niggaz4life, courts controversy in every imaginable way, from its title (printed backward on the cover, as a mirror image) down to its mercilessly misogynistic second half, and it remains shocking years later, no matter how many times the controversial aspects of the album have been exploited again and again by others.

Unfortunately, the shocking rhetoric which, to a degree unprecedented at the time of the album's release, revels in relentless obscenity, graphic sex, and extreme violence tends to overshadow the remarkable production work of Dr. Dre

NWA - Niggaz 4 Life [1991]

01. Prelude
02. Real Niggaz Don't Die
03. Niggaz 4 Life
04. Protest
05. Appetite for Destruction
06. Don't Drink That Wine
07. Alwayz into Somethin'
08. Message to B.A.
09. Real Niggaz
10. To Kill a Hooker
11. One Less Bitch
12. Findum Fuckum & Flee
13. Automobile
14. She Swallowed It
15. Id Rather Fuck You
16. Approach to Danger
17. 1 900 2 Compton
18. Dayz of Wayback

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