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Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express

Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express


Jam Pony Express - Hot Rod 2k

Here is another Pony Tape Convert. Its Hot Rod Doin a show in Lauderdale. im sure i got this one in 2000 so it may be older too. and personally i have heard better shows from hot rod. But i happen to have owned this tape since it was just put out. and can still spit what Hot Rod Says.
I also have a fuckin ton of singles from JPE and i guess ill post them in singles in the future. However i still have some old shows Wit Juicy S some Kuda C and Bass Style too, But they still have to be converted and it takes time to do it up.

And as always leechers, you still gotta check out DJ Spice @ JPE Blog. Cause he be doin it.

Jam Pony Express DJ's - Hot Rod - Lauderdale

01 - Janine
02 - Walk On The Wild Side
03 - Pop Dat Pussy
04 - 187 proof
05 - Everythings gonna b alright
06 - Ask Why
07 - Feels like another one
08 - One tymes got no case
09 - Jiggable Pie
10 - Do you Like Bass
11 - Dont Stop

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