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The 2 Live Crew " Banned In The USA [1990]

Capitalizing on the media frenzy, Campbell struck a distribution deal with Atlantic and put together a semipolitical album called Banned in the U.S.A., after securing rights for the title track from Bruce Springsteen; it was billed to Luke Featuring 2 Live Crew. It sold like hotcakes on first release, and the title single became the group's second Top 40 hit. In 1991, the group released the first full-length live rap album ever, Live in Concert, as well as the official follow-up to As Nasty as They Wanna Be, Sports Weekend. They sold disappointingly, especially considering the group's recent notoriety, and proved to be the last albums they would record together as a quartet. To compound matters, Luke Records was successfully sued for 1,600,000 million dollars in royalties by MC Shy D.

The 2 Live Crew " Banned In The USA [1990]

01. Banned In The USA
02. News Flash "People In The News"
03. Man Not A Myth
04. News Flash "350 Men"
05. News Flash "Super Snoop"
06. Strip Club
07. News Flash "Nation By Storm"
08. Do The Bart
09. In Color. Men On Records
10. Face Down Ass Up
11. Hey Jack
12. Bass 9.1.7
13. So Funky
14. News Flash "Poll Results"
15. Mamolapenga
16. Video No Soul
17. I Ain't Bullsh--Tin' Part 2
18. Commercial- Nasty M.F.'S
19. This Is To Luke From The Posse
20. News Flash . British Youth
21. Fuck A Gang
22. Commercial- Inquiring Minds
23. Mega Mixx Iv

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