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Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express


Techmaster P.E.B - Bass Computer - 1991

The bass pulsator Techmaster P.E.B. released his Miami bass and European techno first single, "Listen to the Music," in 1990. The resounding debut album, Bass Computer, followed in its wake the next year. Tracks like "Power Bass Ultra Mix," "Bassgasm," and "Bad Bass Mix" are fully capable of testing out any woofer set. Techmaster's bass musical style has been compared to that of artists like Wrecks-N-Effect, Beat Dominator, Funkmaster Flex, and Positive K.

This album sounds like and has some of the same drops as Outer Bass but its a great album too.

Techmaster P.E.B - Bass Computer [1991]

  1. Activate
  2. Time to Jam
  3. Bass By Numbers
  4. Scratchin' Megabass Mix
  5. D.P.E.
  6. Computer Love
  7. Bass Computer
  8. P.E.B. 500
  9. Don't Stop the Music
  1. Techno Bass Beats
  2. Power Bass Ultra Mix
  3. Bassgasm
  4. Bad Bass Mix
  5. Euromusik
  6. I Like the Boom
  7. Outerbass Mix
  8. Tech'in Slow n' Low [#]

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