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Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express


Junya Be - Introducing ...Junya Be - 1999

This is a local Reggae Cat i met back in 99 . He flipped me a copy of the disc, Done up right and in the wrapper to add. Thats not the original cover for the album but i have no scanner now, ill switch them when i can. Also to see what J.B is doin these days check out. Junya Be On Myspace

I thought this album was nice as hell tho.
its a small 7 track album but..
if you like da reggae den you like dis her mon.

Junya Be - Introducing ...Junya Be [1999]

01. Murdah Nuh Right
02. Reggae Music Come Down
03. Diversity Feat. Khalid Grace
04. Showtime Feat. Sister Serah
05. Riddim Rider
06. See Ya
07. Love Revolution Feat. Sister Serah

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