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Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express

Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express


L 'Trimm - Grab it [1987]

Grab It! was first released on Miami-based Time-X Records in 1987, and after big local success with their single “Cars That Go Boom” the album was picked up for distribution by Atlantic a year later. For most of the planet, this was when they would have come into contact with it, so the 1988 birthdate stands as far as I am concerned. L’Trimm, which is French for “The Trimm,” consists of Chicago-born Bunny D and New-York born Tigra, though both ladies sound like a couple of giggling valley girls from New York. In this pre-“Ladies First” era, Bunny and Tigra make no bones about their gold digging, cocktease stratagem. Tigra goes so far as to proclaim: “My name is Tigra/ I’m a funky, fly skeezer/ my smile is big/ but my ego is bigger.” Isn’t being a skeezer a bad thing? This line comes from the title track, which also serves as a response track to Salt N’ Pepa’s “Push It,”

L 'Trimm - Grab it [1987]

01. Cars That Go Boom
02. Better Yet L`Trimm
03. We Can Rock The Beat
04. Sexy
06. Cutie Pie
07. Hes A Mutt
08. Don't Come to Our House
09. Push It (Grab It)

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