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Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express

Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express


MC ADE - In The Arms Of Bass 1993

Well shit.. I ended up converting a shit load of tapes and then boom.. all of a sudden i get lazy and didnt feel like converting anything. i bummed around for a couple weeks looking to see if anyone had taken the time to do this album yet. i found a couple places but had dead links. so i figured id convert it and throw it up. im sure within the month every blogsite will have it up.I dont care i just needed a digital copy of it. much love tho..but So you know.. im the one. Look Here.

On a side note. Just some random useless info about this cassette.. Under the MC A.D.E. Was a different looking ADE What you see now was an after print sticker over top.

MC ADE - In The Arms Of Bass [1993]

Side A
01. Intro
02. Crank it
03. But Head And Bass Freak
04. 4 Levels
05. Let Go
06. Beevis's Blount
07. Lookout
08. Distortion
09. Woo Woo Bass
10. Buthead -N- ADE
11. Layin In The Arms Of Bass

Side B
12. Get Down
13. Beevis
14. Miami Bass
15. Hydraulics
16. Booty Call
17. Bass Melody
18. But Head Hit Blount
19. Final Drop
20. Landing Of The Bass Shuttle

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