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Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express


MC ADE - Aint No Thang 1996

As far as i know Ain't No Thang was the last album ADE dropped. I always considered this to be a crossover album. Most of the songs were mainstream and not more like the Miami bass sound he began with. However when you work with other artist you get a new sound so C.B.C was on point with ADE. I came Back and Bass Train helped the album. ADe Fans loved the robot sound ADe perfected. Any Way ... By 96 i had moved from FL and lost track of anything else from ADE or 4 Sight. But well known for hit hit Bass Rock Express And Bass Mechanic, ADE will for ever be known as the man that made the first miami bass record. See More Here

MC ADE - Aint No Thang Like The Game 1996

01 - Luv Em, Luv Em, Baby [Radio Mixx]
02 - Feel Me
03 - Ain't No Thang Like the Game
04 - Sunshine
05 - Confessions of a Gangsta [Radio Mixx]
06 - Scarred for Life
07 - I Came Back
08 - Bass Train
09 - Go A.D.E.
10 - Bass Mechanic [Remix]
11 - Purified Gangsta
12 - If You're Lonely
13 - Can You Feel It
14 - Bass Train [Instrumental]
15 - Luv Em, Luv Em, Baby [Dub Mixx]

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