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Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express


The 2 Live Crew - Sports Weekend 1991

The last album from the original four Group members of the 2 Live Crew . This album never made it up the food chain like the first release (2 live is what we are) or As nasty as they wanna be. They tried to throw this one in and call it part 2 of (as nasty as the wanna be) But by then the Crew had lost the obscene flare the grew fame from. But fuck that shit its a 2 live crew record its a classic hall of fame album anyway.But on another note, Each member moved on to solo stuff and such. Mr mixx still doin it. Luke has had many different paths but is still successful, Fresh kid ice made some solo stuff. but never did much rappin. maybe other group members was helpin with the rhymes..

The 2 Live Crew - Sports Weekend 1991

01. Intro
02. Pop that pussy
03. For how long
04. A fuck is a fuck
05. Let it rip
06. Baby baby please (just a little more head)
07. Graveyard
08. Ugly as fuck
09. A hooker?
10. Fraternity joint
11. Nigga’s comin’ up
12. Here i come
13. I like it, i love it
14. Fuck off
15. Mega mix V
16. Sweet suzy
17. Freaky behavior
18. 12″ long
19. Ain’t no pussy like…
20. You are very erect
21. Some hot head
22. Chesterfield island
23. I ain’t bullshittin’ III
24. “Balls”
25. The pussy caper
26. Up a girl’s ass
27. Who’s fuckin’ who
28. Pussy (reprise) for those who like to fuck

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