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Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express

Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express


Luke Skyywalker - Miami Bass Waves Vol. 2

This album was way better than the first vol luke of the (2 live crew) dropped. although i already had most of the songs on this one. Its a definite classic album. One track on here is called bass rock express by MC ADE one of my favorite artist of the old school , im almost sure this album was the first time the vocal version of the track was heard. It was simply instrumental on the original album " somethin to do" And of course MC Shy D's "Shake it" A Great Classic Record. As well as Le Juan Love, And if you slept on this Skyywalker Artist Keep it locked he's coming soon.

Luke Skyywalker's Bass Waves Vol. 2 (1989)

01. Gucci Crew II - Sally {That Girl}
02. 2 Live Crew - H-B-C
03. MC A.D.E - Bass Rock Express
04. MC Twist & The Def Squad - Just Rock
05. 2 Live Crew & Trouble Funk - The Bomb Has Dropped (Drop The Bomb Remix)
06. MC Shy D - Shake It
07. Anquette - Material Girl
08. KJ & Da Fellas - Get Retarded
09. Le Juan Love - I Still Feel Good
10. MC Cool Rock & Chaszy Chess - Get Funky
11. Gigolo Tony - Smurf Rock
12. Bladerunners Mega Mixx

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