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Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express

Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express


Miami Classics - The Re-Visit III

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So i am addicted to old school music.. i mean come on its the real deal..
i hope you all enjoy this one as well as 1 and 2..

 Miami Classics - The Re-Visit III

01. Mc Cool Rock & Mc Chaszey Chess - Creep Dog
02. The Get Funky Crew - Rock the house
03. Cool C - Glamorous Life
04. Boys From The Bottom - Boom I got your girlfriend
05. L'Trimm - The Cars That Go Boom
06. DJ Smurf - Pop That Thang
07. The Egyptian Lover - Kinky Nation
08. DJ Jimi - Where They At
09. M.C. Luscious - Boom I got your boyfriend
10. DJ Smurf - Put a Hump in Ya Back
11. Anquette - Throw the P
12. Bassadelic - The Miami Bass Machine
13. Sound Master T - 2 Much Booty In Da Pants
14. Beatmaster Clay D - Get Funky
15. Half Pint  - Stomp 'n Grind

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