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Cool C - I Gotta Habit [1989]

Christopher Roney (born December 15th, 1969 in Philadelphia, PA), known by the Stage name Cool C, is an American rapper whose musical career peaked in the late 1980s.
A pair of 1988 singles for Hilltop and City Beat Records landed Roney a contract with Atlantic Records, where he released two full-length solo albums: his debut I Gotta Habit in 1989 (which included the hit title track and "Glamourous Life") and Life in the Ghetto, in 1990.

In 1996 Cool C killed a police officer in a robbery read more here.

Cool C - I Gotta Habit [1989]

01. Enemy Territory
02. Takin No Shorts - The Gambler
03. Get Loose On
04. Mary Go Round
05. C Is Cool
06 I'm Not Impressed
07. I Gotta Habit
08. Glamorous Life
09. Juice Crew Dis
10. All Hell Freeze
11 Down to the Grissle
12. Hilltop Scope

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Here is a video of "Glamourous Life"

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