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Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express 24-7 Radio - Jam Pony Express Downloads

Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express 24-7 Radio - Jam Pony Express Downloads


Jam Pony Express DJ's Own Cuda Cortez

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J.P.E created the Mixtape. And that statement is not to be taken lightly. Its Facts. 1981? Rap was just starting..

If your song was hot in the 80s and 90s its because "Jam Pony Express DJ's" Talked all over that shit.
They broke records and got the majority of southern rappers out to the hands of the listeners. But whats been goin on? Cuda C Goin On.. Check out these videos from my dawg Cuda C.
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Bizerk Da Jerk [ ENON EPAT XIM ]2011 - Greatest Flips

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Bizerk Da Jerk [ Mix Tape None ]2011 - Greatest Flips
2007 - 2010 .
01. Keepin on da hustlin
02. They Keep it Real
03. City Of Violence Raised Me
04. Nympho
05. Biz Iz On Fire
06. Jack Da Dopeman
07. Stompin On Em Hos
08. KUSH - [ We Be Doin It ] Remix
09. E.P (My Earnin Potential) Feat. Bolo Yung
10. Hatin On Me
11. Im Repeated by ya girl
12. Who Ridin - Feat. Meat Da Butcha
13. Still Talkin [Zombie Mix]
14. Primal Urge
15. Revelations - Chapter 7 Verse 3
16. P Dawg Out A-Town - Outro

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Bizerk Da Jerk - "Crossin Lines" 2011 Available now on iTunes, Napster And Amazon


Bizerk Da Jerk - Live - Aint no other cracker

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Those wacky rappers that borrow my name when they make records cant do what i do tho. So i dedicate "The Message" To You.

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