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Bizerk Da Jerk - Dont Go Messin Wit Da Devil

I first named this album Evil Inside, i later i renamed it to Dont go messin. 2002 Evil Inside was the first album i produced myself and i spent a few months on it. my editing skills were not the best but it came out fine. This one didnt get circulated like "The Beginning" However the songs on this were recorded in different locations with random mics and such so levels are odd.. all these songs i wanted to go back and edit more at that time but never did. I was a really busy dood then.

i was also Co Producing other local artists at the time. The 305 Gypsy Mob , Tron, Ballgrum and a Decent singer who simply went by Chris. well this album has a few decent songs on it. yeah the disney font.. ahh. remember walt was supposed to be the anti christ. And also if you invert the colors on the cover you get a more crazy look at my face.yeah.... enjoy..

Bizerk Da Jerk - Don't Go Messin Wit Da Devil [2003]

01 - Intro [Extended]
02 - Run Dat Shit
03 - Hittin Switches
04 - I Spy You Spy
05 - Bustin Slugs (Broward Boys)
06 - Let It Rain Nonstop
07 - My Connection
08 - Let Me Show You Billy
09 - Pimpin Dem Tricks Feat. 2 Face
10 - In The Sunshine
11 - Dont Go Messin Wit Da Devil
12 - The Creme Of Da Crop
13 - Jet Fuel
14 - Da One Line
15 - Slow And Low
16 - Faze 1 Grindin [Bonus Track]
17 - Im Takin You Out [Bonus Track]
18 - Its Kaos [Bonus Track]

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