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Bizerk Da Jerk - The Beginning

i met this guy in 1998 he had an 8 track recorder with a little keyboard. He was recording and i heard his stuff he let me chill at the studio and i made about 5 songs. then i lost contact with him... blah blah.. So in 2001 My Homeboy Caponelli hooked me up with "Eliot Slaughter" a jazz musician( Visit Him Here) He didnt really make rap beats but we all worked for a year and finished this album in 2002. His piano skills are fuckin nutts. he is a great artist and performer. This album was my first attempt on the mic in a real solid booth with the whole nine yards. The vocals are off here and there, but hey.. i was a rookie. check out my new shit here.
So i sold alot of copies of this. i was really suprised myself i didnt think my vocals sounded right, or maybe more like delivery skills but yo. everyone seems to like it. me and 2 Face sold the shit out of it.. you might like it too.. never know
.. Much love to everyone that supported me and my ways then and now...

Bizerk Da jerk - The Beginning [2002]

01 - Intro - All da hoes
02 - Run Dat Shit
03 - Definitions Of A Playa Feat. J.W
04 - When I Ride Feat. J.W
05 - Dont Go Messin
06 - Its A Homicide Feat 2 Face
07 - Visions - Bizerk Da Jerk
08 - Dead Sluts Feat. Meat Da Butcha
09 - Its In My Nature Feat. 2 face
10 - The Weed Tune Feat. 2 Face
11 - Hip-Hop Iz Back
12 - I Thought You Knew
13 - So We Can Get It Started
14 - Bow Down Feat. 2 face
15 - Let It Rain
16 - Outro - Faze 1

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