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DJ Magic Mike & Vicious Bass - Back To Haunt You - [1990]

DJ Magic Mike, the breakthrough bass producer after 2 Live Crew, was the music's most crucial recording artist. An underground label impresario on the order of Master P, Mike's productions were much rougher than the slick Miami bass sound and pursued a gritty old-school vibe -- more akin to Ultramagnetic MC's than Luther Campbell

In collaboration with the group Vicious Bass, DJ Magic Mike spawned yet another gold hit with the single "It's Automatic."

DJ Magic Mike - Vicious Bass - [1990]

01. Intro: Buy This Record
02. You Want Bass
03. No Stop To The Madness
04. Interlude:A Moment of pleasure
05. Are You Ready
06. Interlude:A Night after the rapper
07. Vicious groove
08. Back to haunt you
09. Interlude:An Afternoon in Orlando
10. Hard to keep a good rhyme down
11. Nice & Nasty
12. A moment of Silence
13. Comin On Strong
14. The Break
15. Party wit a piece of mind
16. Interlude:Wack Rappers
17. Its Automatic
18. Get Laid, Get Funked
19. Interlude:Whats The Name Of The Game
20. Sorry, Wrong Beat
21. Interlude:Flight Back To Orlando
22. All Wild DJ's, He Will Tame
23. Interlude: The Meeting
24. Magic Meets Lace
25. Interlude:A Night at the studio
26. Royalty's Arrived

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  1. you are my idle you got all the old shit you must be a god on your street


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