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Jam Pony Express - Rock Booty Express 24-7 Radio - Jam Pony Express Downloads


Billy D Slanger Live On Music Street - MBFM Fallback Friday

#MusicRegulators #5HeadedMonsta 


 DJ Spice - White Boi Joshski - Big Rob

 Dime 386 - Billy D Slanger

10pm - FALLBACK FRIDAY on Miami Bass FM With The Music Regulators

IG: @TheMusicRegulators

The Music Regulators Intro To Music Street
5 Minute Ride Out
MCV - Two Forty Shorty - J Boogie
Put A Pose On It - ADE Freestyle 
Palm Beach So Clear
German Mix (Music Regulators Intro)
Purge The Krypt Keeper Quad
The Chronic Back Problem Edit
Push The Bass And Balls Section
Billy D Bassin Down On Music Street
Expo For The Prince Of Zamunda
A Word From Our Sponsor
D Slanger Got That Longstroke
Billy D Got That Bass
Scrub Den Shake Dirty Foots
Break Dope Wit Pam
Open Up And Bass On In
MC Shy D Drop Doin Like That
DJ Magic Mike (Exclusive)
Regulators Get Paid On 15th Avenue
Get Up On This But Get The F Out
Regulators Got 2021 Low Ride Bass
Double Walkens Have Beautiful Tines


Da Jerk That Bassed Miami


Da Jerk That Bassed Miami
(Classics Remixed)

001. Bizerk Da Jerk Intro
002. Radio Freq
003. Treat em right
004. Pump It
005. When Doves Cry
006. Childrens Story
007. Set It Off
008. Youll Rock
009. U Cant Touch This 2
010. Light it up
011. Rollin In The Deep
012. Billie Jean
013. Damm
014. Havanna Culo Shake
015. Da Jerk That Bassed Miami - Bass Mix

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Bizerk Da Jerk - Jerk From Da Radio (2015)

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Bizerk Da Jerk - Jerk From Da Radio (2015)


01. Intro (Jerk From Da Radio)
02. Make Ya Juices Flow Feat. Kaveman
03. Parental Guidance
04. Trixies Panties
05. Keepin on da hustlin-
06. A Brand New Message-
07. Both Sides
08. Lookin So Neat Feat. Kaveman
09. Bump It Feat. Slip Capone
10. Allisons Hooters
11. Turn Me On Feat. Z-Vice
12. Summa U Niggiz Feat. B-Soul
13. Honky Slidin By
14. Bitch im watchin you-
15. Kiss my pinky ring
16. On to the next ho Feat. Brittney
17. Vibrate
18. Beatin Down Da Blocc Feat. Slip Capone
19. Proppa Hoe
20. Finga On Da Trigga Feat. Z-Vice
21. Hank And Bobby
22. Whos Bad
23. All in the bass bins
24. Make Ya Juices Flow (B-Mix) f. Kaveman
25. Statler & Waldorf outro

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